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This is our Start-up-Blog:

“The Making of Young Civic Radio – Europe”

Currently, in winter 2008, our webblog is still growing. You find here the latest information about the “making of” and the development of our project, information about the institutions involved, their employees and our activities and the webblogs and websites in other languages. As our content and projects use many different languages, you will find many additional information in the other weblogs (see right column) that are not translated now. Maybe another hint to learn more languages or to try to understand some of the other blogs.

This new kind of “social website”, will be useful for learning and teaching as well as for your private education and entertainment. We focus on a new kind of education and teaching, that connects “brain compatible learning”, language learning, Civic Education and social learning – all life long!

Why is this good?

Democracy is a cultural artefact like writing and reading. And you have to grind out democracy like them. But barely a child learns democratic acting at home and hardly at school. Barely a politician in educations, who realises this in all its depth and its far-reaching consequences.

So, like always, we put the cart before the horse. We count on elections of class, pupils and parent representatives, sometimes on singular projects. But we do not recognize, that the basics have to be learnt very early in our childhood and have to be a continuous element of everyday-life in school – with a high priority.

Keep looking forward to an exciting and entertaining program that will be made by pupils, students, teachers and other adults from different countries all over Europe.

Feel invited, to follow this process and the development!

Project Koordination – European Civic Education Foundation